Welcome to the Rice Lake Regional Ministry!

The Regional Ministry is a collaboration between the churches of St John the Evangelist, Peterborough; Christ Church, Campbellford; St George's, Hastings; St James', Roseneath; St Michael's, Westwood; and St John the Evangelist, Havelock.

It came about as a result of a conversation between the partner churches that began in the Fall of 2019.  Given the challenges and opportunities of ministry in the east end of the Peterborough Deanery, the conversation led us to enter into a two-year pilot project working together, sharing clergy and lay leadership and building stronger outreach, seniors, and youth ministries across the Region.

Why Regional Ministry?

It is only through coming together as a Regional Ministry that we will have the resources and energy to continue our beloved traditional ministries and diversify to revitalize and offer programs and ministries that can reach new people through worship, care, and outreach. As a region we will be able to have:

  • Better programming with more options;
  • More priests, lay leaders and volunteers to support programs and ministries;
  • More creativity, more energy, and more resources to do ministry and mission in creative ways. Way which can focus on connecting with new people and people are not being attracted to our traditional ministries;
  • We can do more effective outreach ministries and have a larger impact on making positive changes in people’s lives;
  • We can have a stronger pastoral care program, connecting especially with people who are isolated, in care, or homebound;
  • COVID has shown us that we now need to be able to provide ministry in different ways including online. As a region we will have the capacity to diversify and strengthen ways we can offer worship and other ministry programs;
  • We would have a team ministry giving our congregations and communities a broader range of gifts and skills for ministry and mission and opportunities for collaboration and collegiality for the clergy;
  • The team could be specialized to best grow ministry in the area.

  • It would be easier to recruit priests into a Regional ministry team. 

News and Events

The Regional Ministry will launch on July 1st, 2022.  Watch this space for news stories and an event calendar.