Opportunities to Serve

St. John's is an active parish.  We have opportunities for service is a broad number of areas, both within the church and in the community.  Below you can find some general information about service.  The menu immediately above has options to choose service opportunities either within the church or in the community. Please have a look and see if there are any that interest you.

2020 Parish Lenten Outreach Project

The 2020 Lenten Outreach Project will benefit Homeward Bound, a four-year wraparound program for single women with children in Peterborough.  Spearheaded by parishioners Sharon Watkins and Maisie Watson, the project will see a list of required items asked for on each of the six Sundays in Lent accompanied by a Scriptural reference.

Click here to download the flyer with the list of items we're looking for.

Baskets will be placed on the Welcome Table in the Narthex (lobby) each week to collect that week's items.

Thank you for your generosity!

Outreach Ministries

Click here to see the details of our Outreach ministries.

"Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the last of my brothers and sisters, you did it to me." Matthew 25:40

The Outreach ministry provides for:

  • direct help to those less fortunate in our community;
  • literacy program for the Lighthouse;
  • support for the work of the Anglican Church of Canada in the community, the diocese, across Canada and around the worlds, largely through FaithWorks and our parish Outreach Committee;
  • St. John Centre Retirement Home; 
  • meeting space, maintenance, and security for a variety of community groups; 
  • support for local outreach projects such as Brock Street Mission, Cameron House, Crossroads.

St. John Centre

The St. John Centre, attached to the church, provides 102 units of housing for senior citizens. Two thirds of the units are geared to income. The St. John Centre is a comfortable, pleasant place to live, situated next to a park, and closely located to all that downtown Peterborough has to offer. Their office can be contacted at 705-749-0757.

St. Margaret’s Guild

Members meet the second Tuesday of each month, from September to June, in the St. Nicholas Hall, for friendship, fellowship, a devotional, and a speaker. They organize the annual Fall Festival and card parties.

One Roof Community Centre

One Roof is a ministry of St. John's that is open 365 days a year, providing a drop-in centre for those experiencing homelessness, loneliness, food insecurity and more. One Roof is open from 12 to 7 p.m. every day and from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on extreme cold or hot days. Lunch is served every Monday to Friday and dinner is served every day. In 2019, almost 90,000 meals were served. The Centre offers professional training, life skills, community building, harm reduction, access to primary health care, and a safe space to be. Friendships are made, achievements are celebrated, and hardships are overcome. One Roof Community Centre is operated out of the lower level of the church, at 99 Brock St. All are welcome.

Open Circle One Roof Community Centre Volunteers

The Open Circle worshipping community at St John's volunteers one Tuesday night a month to prepare and serve dinner at the One Roof Community Centre. Members of the group raise funds to purchase the food for the supper and then gather in the kitchen to prepare the meal. Besides providing a meal to people in need, it is a source of friendship and satisfaction for those who are involved.

Worship & Music

Click here to see our Music opportunities.

"Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs." Psalm 100:2

The Worship and Music ministry provides for:

  • a warm and inviting Nave (church), Chapel, and Guild Hall for worship on Sundays and Wednesdays and holy days throughout the year, and for weddings, funerals, and other special celebrations and occasions; 
  • our organist and Choir Director;
  • worship supplies, including wine and bread, cleaned robes and alter cloths; 
  • new music, special musicians, and a choral scholar program;
  • the Server's Guild; Chancel Guild, church flowers, and decorations; 
  • time for the preparation of liturgy and sermons; 
  • visiting clergy and guest speakers; 
  • special services (e.g. Christmas, Easter) Baptisms, weddings, funerals.

Bellringers’ Guild

Every Sunday, at weddings and on most special occasions, the bellringers provide a public announcement of activities at our Church. Volunteers with an ability to read music and climb the ladder to the bell tower are always welcome. Contact John Earnshaw (295-4501) for more information.

Chalice Administrators

Volunteers administer the sacrament of wine during the Eucharist services and on other festive occasions. Chalice administrators are appointed by the Rector and licensed by the Bishop.

Chancel Guild

Members of the Chancel Guild ensure that the physical requirements for each service are prepared. Members work in teams, about 6 times per year and are appointed by the clergy.


The choir provides choral music at all sung services between September and May. Practices are held weekly on Thursday evenings. Any one with a good singing voice is always welcome. Contact the Director of Music (745-7624) for more information.


Members of the congregation present the bread and wine during the 10:00 AM Sunday Eucharist service as well as at other special services. Call the church office for more information.


Greeters welcome everyone as they enter the church for worship.

Intercessors Volunteers lead the Prayers of the People during regular weekly services. Contact Bruce Pond for more information.

Lectors’ Guild

Members read the Bible readings during the regular Sunday services. Contact the office for more information.

Servers’ Guild

The Guild provides servers, crucifers, candle bearers and sacrists for the Sunday and major weekday services. At St. John’s, servers are usually younger people who attend regularly. The normal starting age is about 9. Ian Storey is the head of the Guild of Servers and Sacrists. There are six sacrists who superintend the liturgy. Contact Ian Storey, (748-9827) for more information.


Six teams of sidespeople serve one Sunday in rotation. Responsibilities include distributing bulletins, providing activity bags for children, supplying equipment for the hearing impaired, taking collection and assisting at communion. New members are always welcome.

Pastoral Care & Hospitality

Click here to see our Pastoral Care & Hospitality opportunities.

"Be shepherds of God's flock that is under your care, serving as overseers - not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be." 1 Peter 5:2

Pastoral care and hospitality provides for:

Visits and Holy Communion to the sick, infirm, and bereaved by clergy and lay visitors in hospital, retirement homes, or at home;

Pastoral counseling, spiritual help and guidance, phone calls, maintenance of an up-to-date parish list, and coordination of Prayers of the People requests.

Hospitality Committee

The hospitality committee provides food and refreshment for funerals. Call the church office for information.

Deanery Hospital Visitors

Deanery Hospital Visitors is a group of trained volunteers from the Peterborough Deanery who visit all identified Anglicans in the hospital.

Care in Difficult Times

Please contact the office if you or a loved one are in hospital so that our clergy can visit, or if you wish to be upheld in prayer. While some members of our Parish are also Deanery Hospital Visitors, or PRHC volunteers, they are careful to protect the privacy of the people they visit, and our clergy need to be informed directly in order to be a part of your support team in a time of crisis.

New Members Ministry

For more information please contact the church office.

Prayer Chain

Prayer Chain members pray for the needs and concerns of the parish and parishioners. Prayer requests can be made that are restricted to the prayer chain and not included in the public prayers of the church in order to maintain confidentiality in sensitive situation.

Parish Life

Click here to see our Parish Life opportunities.

"I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly." John 10:10

The Parish Life ministry area includes:

  • the weekly Grapevine bulletins; coffee and discussion before and after Sunday services; 
  • hospitality after other special events;
  • the annual Parish picnic;
  • St. Margaret's Guild fellowship, lunches, and speakers; 
  • bridge clubs, canoe outings, the family camping weekend; 
  • dinners, concerts, fashion shows, bake sales, and other fundraising events; 
  • publicity, posters, tickets, and other materials to promote ongoing events; 
  • maintenance of attractive grounds, lighting, signage, etc.  

Evangelism & Church Growth

Click to see our Evangelism & Church Growth opportunities

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." Matthew 28:19

The Evangelism and Church Growth ministry provides for:

  • Striving to be a thriving and financially self-sufficient parish;
  • Empowering ourselves through ongoing Christian education; 
  • Ensuring that our liturgies, baptismal and confirmation classes are alive, relevant and transforming; 
  • Welcoming new members and families and encouraging their involvement. 

Parish Council

Chair: the Rev. B. Smith

The clergy and wardens meet monthly with parish council members usually ten times per year. Parish council members are elected or appointed at the annual vestry meeting to consider financial matters and any other concerns affecting the life of the parish.

Finance Committee

Coordinator - Walter Howell

The finance committee meet regularly to review the financial status of the parish to make recommendations to the wardens. The committee is instrumental in producing the parish budget each year.

  • Treasurer - The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining accurate records of all the parish finances.
  • Trust Committee - The Trust Committee administers all monies left in trust to St. John's, including gifts, contributions to special projects, legacies, bequests, and grants. Committee members include clergy and wardens, plus interested parishioners. Counters - Small teams of parishioners meet weekly to count the collection. 
  • Grocery Cards - St. John’s offers a fund raising opportunity by selling Loblaws grocery cards to those who currently shop at Loblaws, Your Independent Grocer, No Frills, IGA, Sobey's, or Price Chopper. Depending on the number of grocery cards bought, a percentage of between 1% and 5% is earned for St. John’s. Interested in purchasing grocery cards for Loblaws, Your Independent Grocer, or No Frills? Contact Brenda Smart. Interested in purchasing grocery cards for IGA, Sobey's, or Price Chopper? Contact Kathy Clydesdale. 
  • Stewardship - There are 2 stewardship committees: Environment Stewardship Committee - through various events and educational opportunities helps the parish to be aware of our responsibilities as stewards of God's creation; Financial Stewardship Committee - plans and implements the annual fall financial campaign to provide financial resources for the church. 


Coordinator: Brian Harvey

  • Advertising - Special worship service times are published in the local newspapers.
  • Bulletin - The Grapevine, St. John's weekly bulletin, is distributed at Sunday services.
  • Bulletin Boards - There are a number of bulletin boards containing recent news and upcoming events. Bulletin Boards are located in the hallway between the lobby and the clergy offices.
  • Donations & Memorials - Memorial donations are received and acknowledge throughout the year. Please contact the church office if you require more information about donations and memorials.
  • Newsletter - The Evangelist is published quarterly and distributed to each church family. 
  • Publicity - Upcoming events are publicized in local newspapers and on radio stations.
  • The Anglican - Articles on recent events at St. John's are published The Anglican which is an award-winning newspaper that informs, educates, and inspires Anglicans in the Diocese of Toronto.
  • Website - The website is routinely updated and maintained by the Parish administrator.
  • Taping / Sound System - Sunday services are taped each week. Tapes are available by contacting the church office.
  • Phone Tree - Important information from the rector or his designate can be relayed through the St. John's phone tree for those who do not have internet access.
  • Signs - A number of signs have been installed on the St. John's church property on both Hunter and Brock Streets.


Archivist: Elwood Jones

The St. John's Archives provides advice on historical and archival issues related to the church and its members. The archives has birth, marriage and death registers since 1833, and other records and memorabilia and artifacts relating to the history of St. John's It also houses newspaper and missionary publications of the anglican Church of Canada and an extensive collection of Bibles, prayer books, hymnals, sheet music and other books related to Anglican history.

Glebe Committee

This committee is responsible for leasing and other arrangements involving Glebe (church owned) land.

Envelope Secretary

Parish Administrator

The envelope secretary keeps a confidential record of all donations to the parish.

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee looks for nominees to fill various administrative volunteer vacancies as they come available.

Property Committee

Coordinator: Matthew Harvey

The property committee assists the corporation in all matters pertaining to church property: assessing the need for repairs; obtaining cost estimates; and making recommendations and overseeing work.

The health and safety group make monthly inspections of the church property and makes recommendations to the wardens to maintain St. John's as a healthy and safe building.


In order to provide a safe environment for all our programs, all volunteers and staff are screened using Diocesan standards.

Volunteer Coordinator

Bonnie Williams

The volunteer coordinator surveys the congregation in terms of their interests and tries to find appropriate areas of service for members. A list of job descriptions is maintained for volunteer positions within the parish.

Prayers of the People

In our tradition, we pray each Sunday for the world, the church, those who are sick or suffering as well as those what have died and those who mourn. The following is a list of resources available to those who lead these prayers.

  • A handbook from the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer. 
  • A handbook from the Church of the Redeemer, Toronto. 
  • A selection of prayers for each Sunday during the three year Lectionary cycle by Ormonde Plater, a deacon of the Diocese of Louisiana [The Episcopal Church]. 
  • A subscription service from the Diocese of Bethlehem [The Episcopal Church] that allows you to receive prayers of the people weekly by email.

Screening in Faith

It is the work of many individuals and groups that makes possible the diverse ministries you will find here at St. John's.

The Parish Volunteer Coordinator works from the church office. Among other duties, she helps the leadership of St. John's ensure that the risk assessment and screening guidelines for volunteers that have been established by the Diocese of Toronto are adhered to.

All volunteers in positions assessed as having high risk are required to attend a Sexual Misconduct Policy training session at the beginning of that ministry and every three (3) years thereafter. Resources to prepare for the training session, including a video presentation, information on the policy, and a quiz, are below.

A police records check is also required at the beginning of a high risk ministry and every three (3) years thereafter. This must be obtained through the Diocese-approved background checking service, Xpresschek. The required forms can be found below. For further information regarding support documentation and completing the required forms please contact the church office at 705-745-7624 or email.



Other Ministry Opportunities

Recycled Hearing Aids

It is now possible for hearing aids to be retrofitted for a second user. 

Quota is collecting unused aids and having them retro fitted for those unable to afford them. 

If you have any to donate please drop them into the office where Leah Thompson will pick them up.

Pastoral visits

Please let Carolyn in the office know if there is someone in home or hospital that needs a visit from a clergy member. Due to the privacy policy at the hospital they can not make the call for you unless you have indicated on admission that you are Anglican and from St. John’s.