Resources to Use at Home

This list of resources was developed in response to the suspension of public worship during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to help people stay connected to their faith in a time of isolation.  The list below is not exhaustive and if you find something in your own "travels" that might be interesting or useful to others, please email it to the Rector to be included here.


    You can also pray on your own using the prayer books of the Church, downloadable as PDFs.  Please read the licence statement here before downloading and using.  In the Book of Common Prayer, in particular, the understanding is that the faithful, clergy and lay alike, will pray every day using the Daily Offices.  Perhaps it is time we recovered this discipline!
    • The citations for the daily propers (Scripture readings and Collects) can be found on the General Synod Lectionary page.  
    • The Book of Alternative Services, 1985.  The Daily Offices--Morning Prayer, Prayers at Mid-Day, and Evening Prayer--starting on p. 45 are all good resources for prayer at home.  There are rubrics (instructions) before (starting on p. 36) and within each liturgy to help you figure out how to move through the order of service.  There are also Home Prayers starting on p. 686 which you may find helpful and easy to use.
    • The Book of Common Prayer, 1962.  The Daily Offices are also in the BCP:  Morning Prayer (p. 1), Prayers at Mid-Day (p. 16), Evening Prayer (p. 17), and Compline (Prayers at the end of the Day; p. 722).  Forms of Prayer to be Used in Families begins on p. 728.




  • Holy Week and Easter Resources

    In addition to the orders of service for the days of Holy Week that we will use at St John's, here are some other excellent resources to use at home to observe Holy Week and Easter.
    • Holy Week Resources for Households from the Diocese of Algoma
    • Holy Week at Home: Adaptations of the Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, and Easter Sunday Rituals for Family and Household Prayer from the Liturgical Press
    • Holy Week at Home: Family Practices for the Triduum from BuildingFaith, a ministry of Virginia Theological Seminary
    • A Contemplative Art Kit for Holy Week, from the Church of the Ascension, Ottawa.  Using Scripture readings for Holy Week, this kit encourages participants to respond to the story using their creativity in music and art.
    • Holy Week Story with Symbols, a narrative activity for use with children for each day from Palm Sunday to Easter Day.  It uses a Scripture reading and a symbol (palm branch, coin, etc) for a short "lesson" each day.  From the Rev. Susan Oliver Martin, Christ Church, Edmonton.
    • Holy Week at Home Success Kit, from the Catholic Family Crate.  This is a Roman Catholic resource with prayers, Bible verses, and a variety of activities for kids for each day of Holy Week.
    • Palm Sunday Faith Formation Resources for children, including a palm colouring page, kids activities, Scripture, and prayers, from Illustrated Resources, the provider of our Sunday School curriculum.  Download the palm frond colouring sheet only.
    • Palm Sunday at Home, a short liturgy to mark Palm Sunday at home, from the Rev. Grace Pritchard Burson, Parish of the Resurrection, Dorval QC.
    • The Three Hours Devotion featuring the Rev. Dr Fleming Rutledge.  A sermon in five parts from Good Friday 2018 at Saint Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue, New York.  You can listen to one part from Monday in Holy Week to Good Friday or listen all at once.
    • Maundy Thursday Agape Meal, with provision for a meal, washing of feet, and stripping of the table, from the Rev. Grace Pritchard Burson, Parish of the Resurrection, Dorval QC.
    • Good Friday liturgy for use at home, with reading of the Passion in parts, from the Rev. Grace Pritchard Burson, Parish of the Resurrection, Dorval QC.
    • At At-Home Easter Vigil, from the Diocese of Brandon.  Observe the beginning of the celebration of the Resurrection with a Vigil on Saturday night.
    • An article about Hot Cross Buns and their traditional significance, including a recipe to make them (usually for Good Friday), from BuildFaith.